Need a room for your stay in The Netherlands or in Europe? Because of your study? Your work or for something else? Book a room/studio or apartment in Leiden, Amsterdam, The Hague, Rijswijk, Rotterdam, Groningen, Almere, Maastricht or Utrecht. Or In Europe: Brussel, Berlin, Paris, Dublin, Vienna, Madrid, London or Bern. Shortstay, longstay, extended stay and midstay possible, 1-6 months or longer.

In The Budget Hotel you can book a 1-6 person room/studio or apartment for several months. The rooms and studios in the hotels all have a private bathroom and a kitchenette. If there is no kitchenette in the room, the hotel has other facilities that you can use, such as a hotel kitchen. The accommodations in The Netherlands and in Europe are offered for short stay and long stay with a minimum of one month.

All hotel rooms that you can book through The Budgethotel are furnished and the room rate usually includes cleaning and towels and bed linen change. Each hotelroom has its own bathroom with bath and/or shower and toilet and most rooms have a balcony and some a terrace. The rooms have either a kitchenette or you can use other kitchen facilities,  recreation rooms, TV seats, a bar and fitness and the hotel in Almere offers a swimming pool on the roof!

Would you like to see other and more options and properties? Register (for free) and book directly and select your preferred location and see all the options available: Register, view and book more properties. In some cases, registration with the municipality is possible with your booking.

These facilities are included in the quoted room price:

  • A bathroom with bath and/or shower and private toilet
  • Comfortable box-spring bed
  • Internet (WiFi)
  • Free use of kitchen in our hotel in Leiden (or a kitchenette), fitness, recreation rooms, TV seats and terraces
  • Heating, water and electricity
  • Fully furnished room

How it works?

  1. Choose the place where you want to live
  2. See for yourself what accommodations are available there
  3. Schedule a viewing via the form or book a room right away
  4. Relax!

Do you have a question and you cannot find it in the FAQs? Send an email to We will respond within a few hours because we do understand that you don't want to wait too long for an answer!


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