Are you an (international) student looking for a comfortable room, studio with kitchenette for up to 6 months in Leiden, Amsterdam or The Hague? Than don’t look any further. The Budget Hotel is happy to have you as a guest!
WELCOME TO THE NETHERLANDS You can register for a room in The Budget hotel when you are a student, need a temporary house, when you are a tourist or backpacker. MORE TRAVEL BY BOAT When you travel by boat you can also stay at our hotel! We have a personal quay, and you are very welcome to put your boat there! MORE FOR EVERYONE The Budget hotel started because everyone has to be able to stay in a nice place and call something ‘a home’ for a while. MORE "In the municipality of Alphen aan den Rijn it is common use that you register for social housing, but the waiting time is four years. I have lived in Greece for two years, I followed the love of my life but that turned out to be a disaster. I gave up everything in the Netherlands and I had to start over again when I moved back here. I registered and then the long waiting period began. Having a dog makes it even more difficult finding a home. But at The Budget Hotel I can rent a room where my Greek Dog-friend is also very welcome. I now have a room with a balcony and with this as a starting point, I can get my life back on track. The day I moved into my room there was a delicious bone for my furry friend!" "After my divorce, I had to literally live on the street. My ex-wife continued to live in our old house. You can bother your friends for some time but after that you should really take the next step. For me that was renting a room at The Budget Hotel. I had to wait for two days more and after that I could check in for my own room." "I've been working for years with people from Ireland. It is very special work that I have to deliver and specialists sometimes come from far. For the period of 3 till 4 months I am always very welcome at The Budget Hotel. There's an in-house apartment and a studio where people can live together and where they all have their own bedroom, big bath- and living room and own kitchen. I must always ask in time because the rooms and the apartment are very popular. Once I get a new job, I always call The Budget Hotel right away for the rental of the rooms." "I am an international student and go to University Leiden. I thought finding a room would be easy but thinking that was a big mistake! I do not speak Dutch and that makes it very difficult to find a room. I was told that the students in the Netherlands also have lots of difficulty finding a room. The central location of the hotel is perfect. I now rent a room for as long as I want. The bus to Leiden stops in front of the door, with the other students we BBQ near the Rhine when the weather is nice and if I do not feel like cooking, I go to the bar of the hotel and enjoy a good meal for only € 10, - including a drink. I use the gym in the weekends and when I have guests they can stay in my room for as long as they want. As far as I am concerned; perfect solution!" "I slept with my family on our boat. We could sell our house for a very good price but at that time our new home was not finished yet. We slept on our boat in the summer but when it became colder that was not possible with our little boy. At The Budget Hotel they had a four person room available with a terrace and own bathroom and we decided to make a reservation for the months to follow, waiting for our new home. The room was clean with fresh sheets and clean towels and I could cook in the very large hotel kitchen, just like the other guests did."


Need a room for your stay in The Netherlands? Or because of your study? Or Else? Book a room in a hotel in Leiden, Amsterdam, The Hague, Rijswijk, Rotterdam, Groningen, Almere, Maastricht or Utrecht. Shortstay and midstay possible, 1-6 months or longer.

In The Budget Hotel you can book a 1-4 person room or a studio for one day or several months. The rooms and studios in the hotels all have a private bathroom and a kitchenette. If there is no kitchenette in the room, the hotel has other facilities that you can use, such as a hotel kitchen.

All hotel rooms that you can book through The Budgethotel are furnished with box springs, duvets, pillows, a desk and a fridge. The room rate usually includes cleaning and towels and bed linen change. Each room has its own bathroom with bath and / or shower and toilet and most rooms have a balcony and some a terrace. The rooms have either a kitchenette or you can use other kitchen facilities,  recreation rooms, TV seats, a bar and fitness and the hotel in Almere offers a swimming pool on the roof!

In some cases, registration with the municipality is possible with your booking.

These facilities are included in the quoted room price:

  • A bathroom with bath and / or shower and private toilet
  • Comfortable box-spring bed
  • Internet throughout the hotel (WiFi)
  • Free use of kitchen (of a kitchenette), fitness, recreation rooms, TV seats and terraces
  • Heating, water and electricity
  • Fully furnished room

How it works?

  1. Choose the place where you want to live
  2. See for yourself what accommodations are available there
  3. Schedule a viewing via the form or book a room right away
  4. Relax!

Do you have a question and you cannot find it in the FAQs? Send an email to We will respond within a few hours because we do understand that you don't want to wait too long for an answer!


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