Who can stay at The Budget Hotel?
Everybody who is looking for a comfortable budget room for extended stay or short stay is welcome! International Students, Expats interns, (young) professionals, tourists, backpackers from all over the world. We offer special arrangements for midstay en longstay guests.
Can we book a room as a couple?
Yes you can! Also 2 or more friends who wants to book one room are welcome. The extra price you pay for one extra person is €200 a month on top of the standard room price.
What is included in the price?
• Free access and use of hotel kitchen in Leiden and in our partnerhotels in Amsterdam, Leiden, Utrecht, Groningen. The other hotels offers room with a kitchenette • Heating, water and electricity • WiFi in the whole hotel • Use of restaurant study area and fitness area and in house bar and in Almere also the Swimming Pool on the Roof Top • Parking on the premises for car or bike (sometimes paid) • Reception and 24/7 someone who can help you.
Are pets allowed?
Yes, in Leiden, limited they are. Please contact us for more details; booking@thebudgethotel.nl or by phone (+31) (06) 533 543 05.
What is not included in the price?
In some of the hotels the price includes weekly cleaning and in some of them not. More details you can find on the hotelpage or send us an email: booking@thebudgethotel.nl. Using the laundry room most of the time is incl. and otherwise the charge you a small price for washing coins.
How do I book a room?
1. Find the location on our site where you want to stay 2. Schedule a viewing or make a reservation or send us an email at booking booking@thebudgethotel.nl or give us a call on (+31) (06) 533 543 05.
What are the terms and conditions?
For our Leiden location: Conditions (download PDF).
What do I bring myself?
The rooms have a nice bed and pillow and duvet and the rooms are furnished. In other hotels you can book cleaning and sheets and towels exrta. You can bring whatever you need to make it comfortable for yourself. Also the use of towels and bedlinen is mostly included in our partner locations. Only in Leiden you have to bring your own.
What extra charges can I expect?
Laundry services (optional), cleaning services (optional).
Will I be able to register at the municipality at the address of The Budget Hotel?
In some of the partner hotels of THe Budget Hotel you can. For example in Leiden you can. For mid- and longstay guests we even recommend this, otherwise you will be charged Tourist Tax per night per person additionally to the roomprice.
Is it possible to check in after 22.00 pm?
Yes it is on request. It might be the case that you will be charged an extra € 25,- for this service (night porter).
What is the policy of other people/guests in my room?
When quests want to stay (max for 3 days) for the night we will ask you a supplementary of € 15,- per night.
Can I smoke in my room?
No, all the partner locations of The Budget Hotel are non-smoking hotels. Smoking is strictly prohibited in all areas of the Hotel. In the event of a breach, the Hotel will levy a charge of €200. The same applies to the interference with smoke alarms or the unauthorised opening of emergency exits. The Hotel reserves the right to assert a higher claim if, for example, the Hotel is billed for a deployment of the fire service or a fire caused by unauthorised smoking has caused damage to Hotel property.
What if something in my room breaks or the heating does not work?
We will fix it for you as soon as possible. Repairs are free of charge assuming normal and responsible use. Should this not be the case we will need to charge you for compensation of possible damages. This is why you pay a deposit.
Is Internet available?
Internet access is included in your room rate (WiFi). You will have it in the whole Budget Hotel and of course in your room.
Is there a laundry and what does it cost?
There is a laundry free of use with several washers, dryers and ironing boards which you can use at all times. We also offer laundry services.
Is the use of the fitness included in my rent?
Yes, when there is a fitness area in the hotel it is free of use. The swimming pool in Almere is also free for guests. A personal trainer is optional and not for free ;)
Can I receive mail and packages?
Yes you can. You can have it delivered at the reception of the partner hotel of The Budget Hotel.
Where can I park my car?
On the private parking area. Some partner hotels of The Budget Hotel offer it for free and some of them charge you for it.
Can I park my bike safe?
Yes you can.
Any other questions?
Send an email to booking@thebudgethotel.nl and you will receive answers within 12 hours!